Learn what are the best white paint colors for interiors and what white paint colors interior designers love to use.

Our paint color library is a great resource to find the right shades for your home and today we are going to dive into the color white so you can feel confident using this fresh and bright color.

Choosing the right white paint color can be quite challenging, considering the vast array of options available out there.

Not to mention, different shades of white can drastically affect the way a room looks and feels, from being cozy and warm to bright and airy.

But with so many shades of white available, choosing the right one can be a challenge. 

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collage of white rooms to show the versatility of white paint

That’s why I’ve researched and gathered the best white paint colors for interiors in a comprehensive list, to aid in your paint selection.

I will also provide tips and insights on how to decorate with white, from color pairing to decor ideas.

So, get ready to grab a cup of coffee, sit back, get inspired and learn some expert tips on selecting and decorating with the perfect white paint color for your home. Let’s dive in!

What Are The Best Colors Pair With White

White is a versatile color that goes well with a wide range of other colors, creating different moods and aesthetics.

  1. Blue and White: Blue is a calming and serene color that complements white beautifully. Whether it’s a light blue or a deeper navy, the combination of blue and white creates a fresh and nautical feel.
  2. Gray and White: Gray is a versatile and neutral color that pairs effortlessly with white. Together, they create a clean and modern look, while also allowing other accent colors to stand out.
  3. Earth Tones and White: Colors inspired by nature, like warm browns, muted greens, or soft yellows, work well with white. This combination creates a natural and organic look, bringing a sense of tranquility to a space.
  4. Black and White: The classic combination of black and white creates a timeless and sophisticated look. It’s a high-contrast pairing that adds a sense of elegance and simplicity to any space.
An all white bathroom shows clean and modern look with a few simple decor pieces.

White Decor Ideas

Here are a few white home decor ideas that you can easily add to your home for that beautiful bold shade of color.

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How To Select The Best White Paint Color

  • A shade will look different from one room to the next due to the lighting
  • Always paint a 4×4 swatch on the wall to see if it will work
  • Always paint 2-3 coats at least for a realistic swatch on the wall
  • Pop the trim in white for a dramatic effect
  • Use accessories in the same shade to give your wall color some depth

Best White Paint Colors

Save this white paint color guide for when you are ready for your next project!

samples of white paint hues from popular paint brands

More Paint Color Ideas + Inspiration

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How to Decorate with White

There are many ways to decorate with white, depending on your personal style and the look you want to achieve.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

How To Decorate With White

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    1. My walls throughout are Sherwin Williams Alabaster, equal to Benjamin Moore White Dove. in a coastal grandmother environment. I use many neutrals and some blues. Looking at your excellent post, I think I might lighten up on some of the navy for a fresher look.

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