Sharing the ultimate spring cleaning checklist to get your home in tip-top shape this year! This cleaning checklist covers every room in the house plus has extra space for you to add additional rooms as needed.

With the sun shining and warmer temperatures coming, spring is here and you know what that means . . . it’s spring cleaning time!

If you are like me then you might be a little overwhelmed to tackle this project so the best way I have found to overcome that is with a checklist. I love to cross things off. It makes me feel so accomplished!

Everyone’s home has different rooms and spaces but this cleaning list covers it all.

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White kitchen with Serena & Lily barstools and quartz countertops.

What months are spring cleaning

You may be asking yourself when should you start cleaning your home for spring. Typically you should start when you feel your home needs a good clean but usually, March is when spring is here.

If there is a rainy weekend in the forecast, then that would be the perfect time to plan to dive into all this. Especially with your family home with you to help!

But if you want to get started on some part of the spring decorating and cleaning process then one of the first places I tackle is our front porch. It is a great way to refresh your home and get it cleaned up from the winter months to kick off your deep clean.

Typically I will blow the porch out and get all the leaves and debris cleaned out. Then I will add a fresh spring wreath and a new doormat. It’s amazing what those two things will do to your porch.

Small porch with a green wreath with ribbons tied to it and baskets of blue hydrangeas

How do you prepare for spring cleaning

As in all things spring cleaning your home needs a little preparation. Make sure you have all the supplies you need ahead of time so you don’t start and then don’t have what you need. Also, have plenty of bins and storage pieces for closets, drawers, and tucking away things in the attic.

The worst is to start a project and not have everything you need.

What are three things you can get rid of for spring cleaning

There are three major things you can get rid of now before you start deep cleaning your home. Purging unworn clothes, unneeded paperwork, and expired kitchen items are the best place to start.

Seek out shelters and churches that are collecting these items for people in need. Usually, you can either drop them off or sometimes they will even come to your home and pick them up from your porch.

Sample sheets of our new free spring cleaning checklist.

Is spring cleaning the same as deep cleaning

Deep cleaning and spring cleaning your home essentially are the same things except spring cleaning typically is just done during spring. They can include a lot of the same tasks and/or just things you want to tackle around your home once a year.

I am such a list person and have plenty of notepads with notes on what needs to be done around the house floating around. Which is why I created this spring cleaning list!

Person on step stool cleaning window treatments

Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

Once you have everything you need, then download my comprehensive list and you are set to go! I have included a full list of the supplies I use below.

Download Spring Cleaning Checklist Now!

Spring Cleaning Supplies

Where to start

My best advice when getting ready for spring cleaning is to get your cleaning items together first.

This may take a trip to the store or ordering everything online which is why I get everything together first so I don’t stop once I get going.

Here is a list of what I usually clean with and I have linked the items I use:

Cleaning Items You Need

White kitchen with gold sconces for lighting. Pulling plates out of a cabinet.

House Cleaning Checklist

  1. Clean counters, sinks, and faucets
  2. Clean window treatments and dust blinds
  3. Wash windows
  4. Wipe down cabinets – I use one of these microfiber cloths to do this. You can make it slightly damp if needed.
  5. Shake out area rugs
  6. Clean out drawers and cabinets – The best thing to do is pull everything out of all your cabinets, purge, and make piles of similar items. Then use my guide on the best kitchen organization ideas to put it all back in your cabinets. You will be shocked at how much room you actually have in your cabinets now.
  7. Clean out the refrigerator and reorganize
  8. Clean out the pantry and reorganize – It’s amazing how much-outdated food you will find in your pantry. Pull all items out, check expiration dates, and purge. Then use these amazing pantry organization ideas to put it all back together.
  9. Deep clean stove
  10. Deep clean dishwasher – I love to use this dishwasher cleaner. It is a clean brand that I love and use for my everyday dishes.
  11. Deep clean garbage disposal – I love to use this disposal cleaner and it is the same brand as my dish detergent.
  12. Wipe down microwave
  13. Dust light fixtures
  14. Clean mirrors
  15. Clean Carpets
  16. Clean out drains in sinks, showers, and bathtubs
  17. Wipe down doors and light switches
  18. Wipe down baseboards
  19. Check smoke detectors
  20. Clean vents and change air filters
  21. Wash throws and pillows
  22. Dust knick-knacks
  23. Dust furniture
  24. Clean crystal and polish silver
  25. Clean out the hall closet
  26. Clean out bedroom closets – This in itself is a huge undertaking so I created a step-by-step guide to follow to make this a much easier process. This guide will also help you in staying organized going forward.
  27. Stripe and wash all bedding
  28. Rotate mattresses
  29. Deep clean washer and dryer – I use this washing machine cleaner and it does an amazing job. You will not believe the difference it will make. I also make sure the lint tray for the dryer is cleaned really well. I then use a good all-purpose cleaner and wipe down the doors and top of the machines.

Whether you tackle these cleaning tasks during the spring or some other time during the year, this cleaning supply list and checklist will get you on top of it all. I personally love to clean and organize and turn on some good music to get me moving quicker.

Once you get this done it will be so much easier to keep your house clean throughout the year!

More Cleaning and Organizing Ideas

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