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Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Checklist + Free Printable

Well hello there spring!

With the sun shining and warmer temperatures, spring is here and you know what that means . . . it’s spring cleaning time!

If you are like me then you might be a little overwhelmed to tackle this project so they best way I have found to over come that is with a checklist. I love to cross things off. It makes me feel so accomplished!

So here is a little something I put together for us –  The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist.

The ultimate spring cleaning checklist to refresh your home for spring via ablissfulnest.com

I am such a list person and have plenty of notepads with notes floating around my home.

But this free printable has actionable items you can check off.

So far I have gotten through the entry and living room. I always seem to leave the bedrooms and kitchen last. But since those are the largest spaces in my house, I really should tackle those first right??

Which room do you usually clean out first??

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Spring Cleaning Process + Checklist:

Where to start:

My best advise when getting ready for spring cleaning is to get your cleaning items together first.

This may take a trip to the store which is why I get everything together first so I don’t stop once I get going.

Here is a list of what I usually clean with and I have linked the items I use:

Cleaning Items You Need:

Are you ready to get started?



Your ULTIMATE spring cleaning checklist to help you refreshen your home for spring by ablissfulnest.com

Here are more of my favorite cleaning supplies:

Happy cleaning friends!

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