If you are looking for some white kitchen ideas to help you decide if they are for you then you are in the right place!

I don’t know what it is about white kitchens but they are so soft, serene and fit into any home style.

Whether you love modern, farmhouse, coastal, or eclectic, white kitchens work for just about every design style.

That must be why there has been such a huge trend of them over the last five years.

Whether you love a more classic style or something a bit more modern, white kitchen cabinet colors are here to stay.

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collection of white kitchens

People often like white kitchens for several reasons. White is one of the timeless kitchen cabinet colors that gives a clean and bright appearance to the space.

It creates a sense of openness and can make a kitchen feel larger and more inviting.

It’s also one of the best neutral kitchen cabinet colors that can easily adapt to different design trends, making it a popular choice for those who want a kitchen with a timeless and enduring aesthetic.

So let’s take a look a bit closer at what makes white such a popular and timeless cabinet color.

What Color Is Best For A White Kitchen

Choosing the best white paint color for a kitchen can depend on various factors, including the amount of natural light, the size of the space, and your personal preferences.

Here are some popular white paint colors that often work well in kitchens:

  • Decorator’s White (Benjamin Moore): A clean and crisp white, Decorator’s White is a versatile choice that works well in kitchens with ample natural light. It’s one of the classic kitchen cabinet colors that pairs well with various design styles.
  • Chantilly Lace (Benjamin Moore): This is a bright and pure white that can make a kitchen feel fresh and airy. Chantilly Lace works particularly well in contemporary or modern kitchen designs.
  • Simply White (Benjamin Moore): A warm and inviting white, Simply White is a popular choice for kitchens. It has a subtle warmth that can add coziness without feeling too yellow.
  • Alabaster (Sherwin-Williams): Alabaster is a soft and warm white with a touch of creaminess. It can create a welcoming and timeless look in a kitchen, especially if you prefer a warmer undertone.
  • Swiss Coffee (Benjamin Moore): Swiss Coffee is a creamy off-white that works well in kitchens where you want a softer, warmer feel. It can be a great choice for traditional or modern farmhouse kitchens.
  • White Dove (Benjamin Moore): White Dove is a popular warm white that has a slight gray undertone. It’s a versatile option that can work well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Before making a final decision, it’s a good idea to test paint samples on your kitchen walls to see how they look in different lighting conditions.

Decor To Decorate A White Kitchen With

The fun thing about white cabinets is they are fairly easy to decorate with. Using pieces that have texture like rattan vases and baskets as well as wood tones like cutting boards helps to ground the bright white color.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces to use in a white kitchen.

White Kitchen Ideas

Best White Kitchen Ideas

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    1. Hi Steve, They are acrylic and here is an affiliate link to one —>>http://amzn.to/2s6mcMA

  1. Oh gosh I’m completely head over heels in love with these designs – white kitchens as far as I’m concerned are simply the best! They are just so simple, yet at the same time so beautiful and eye catching! Admittedly though simplistic has always been my favourite go to style (and always will be) – what can I say I’m a sucker for a whitewashed wall and some distressed flooring! Has anyone seen the TV show Once Upon a Time? I know it’s a very niche, and admittedly slightly cheesy programme but I just really love Mary Margaret’s kitchen – (some of these designs remind me of it) honestly her apartment is just so fabulously chic and so to my taste! It’s basically my entire kitchen goals, and the key inspiration for my new kitchen I’m working on (which is almost done eeekkk). The only thing is I’m really struggling to find some nice kitchen door handles for my cabinets (well ones that I like and that will fit in with dream design – hands up I am incredibly picky though). I did recently come across a company called Lark & Larks which I liked the look of though. Has anyone heard of them or used them at all? Would you be able to link a picture to your kitchen handles/general cupboards if you have please? It would be such a massive help x

  2. I agree that white kitchens fit into any style. I have always loved white, and the brightness and elegance it adds to a room. White kitchens also make the space appear cleaner which is always a plus. As long as you clean the kitchen regularly, it should always stay looking good!

  3. Four kitchens. No arrows shown except one to many glass jars.
    Out of the four, I choose the first.

    1. Hi Valerie,

      The arrows are on each side of the photos. Also if you run your mouse over the photo, at the bottom you will see multiple dots where the caption is. You can click on each of those dots too. Hope that helps!

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