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15 Ways to Store Christmas Decor

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When the presents are unwrapped and the Christmas tree is starting to shed needles, it’s a little bittersweet. On one hand, we’re ready to put away the Christmas storage and get back to our regular routine. On the other hand, our Christmas decorations are filled with precious memories. We want to store them safely, so unpacking them next year is easy (plus, let’s face it, holiday decorations are often oddly shaped and tough to store). You need Christmas decoration storage solutions that are simple and easy!

I just did my holiday organizing and put away my Christmas storage. I have to admit it feels good to get my house back to normal. As much as I love the holiday decorations, the tree, the garland, the stockings, and ornaments, it’s nice to have an organized house and a clean slate to begin the New Year!

Proper Christmas decoration storage means finding a protective way to pack your holiday ornaments, balls, baubles, and knickknacks. Ensure next years decorating is stress-free by being organized and methodical as you put away your Christmas storage. When next Christmas rolls around, getting out those fun items out of your Christmas storage boxes and bags will be a breeze.

Need storage ideas for Christmas decorations? I’ve gathered 15 of the most genius Christmas decoration storage hacks I could find! Many of these storage ideas take no time at all and use items you already have on hand (like belts and plastic cups). These holiday organizing methods will protect your Christmas decorations until next year. Holiday organizing is easy with this 15 Christmas decoration storage hacks!

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15 Ideas for Christmas Decor Storage


Storing Your Artificial Christmas Tree

When storing your artificial tree using the original box for Christmas tree storage is often the best bet. But, somehow, once the tree’s been fluffed and freed of the original tree storage box, it never seems to fit back in there, does it? If you’re struggling with getting your artificial tree back into the Christmas tree storage box, try cinching it with old belts! This great Christmas decoration storage hack won’t harm the tree but will get your pine or spruce to fit. No Christmas tree storage box? This is still a great way to protect your tree before storing in a Christmas tree storage bag or bin.Christmas Decor Storage solutions - protect your christmas tree by wrapping belts around the branches.{ via Grunge Zombie }

Using See-Through Bins for Easy Access

Anyone who’s ever looked at boxes of Christmas decoration storage and wondered what on earth is inside will appreciate this holiday organizing tip. Bins and ornament storage boxes are specifically created for corralling holiday decorations. Most ornament storage boxes are quite inexpensive and will protect your Christmas decorations for years to come. Invest in some sturdy, quality ornament storage bins. See-through sides make it easy to identify exactly what’s inside your Christmas decoration storage boxes. When you’re organizing decorations, be sure to pack them by color, and LABEL the bins. You’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for next year when you visit your holiday storage.Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - storage bins are perfect ornament collections. via I Heart Organizing }

Protecting Wrapping Paper

Storing rolls of wrapping paper is always a tough challenge. You need wrapping paper storage boxes or bins that will protect the roll because a crushed roll of wrapping paper is a waste. Protect and store your rolls of holiday paper using this genius hack: A garment bag makes a perfect wrapping paper storage solution! Fill the bag with wrapping paper rolls and hang in the closet on a hook or clothing rod. Easy-peasy Christmas storage solution! Your wrinkle-free Christmas wrapping paper will be ready to wrap gifts next year.Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - keep inventory of wrapping paper by storing rolls in garment bags with hooks. via Just Imagine }

Storing Christmas Lights

Untangling Christmas lights is enough to frustrate even the cheeriest Christmas elf. Save yourself frustration next year by keeping strands of lights neatly organized. There are many Christmas storage boxes made specifically for lights, but this holiday storage hack is much simpler. Use this storage solution to pack up individual holiday light strands in a hurry. Cords will stay tangle-free and are easy to pack in Christmas decoration storage boxes. Plus, the organized light strands look so nice and neat after you’re finished!Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - neat and organized christmas lights make decorating easier.via Life Your Way }

Organizing Christmas Cards

I always feel bad tossing out greeting cards, but putting them in Christmas storage boxes leads to them being forgotten or overlooked in the future. This cute Christmas storage idea is a great way to organize your holiday correspondence and keep the memories for years to come! Make some simple Christmas card books, using all the cards you’ve been saving year after year. The books can be displayed and enjoyed during the holidays. Plus, the Christmas card books are easy to pack away in Christmas storage boxes when the season is over.Christmas Decor Storage solutions - keep precious christmas cards organized with this creative season.via Oh Louise! }

Storing Fragile Christmas Ornaments

There are many expensive Christmas ornament storage boxes out there that are made to protect fragile ornaments. Watch for the Christmas decoration storage containers to go on sale after the holidays. In the meantime, if ornament storage containers are out of your budget this year, don’t worry. It’s simple to make your own Christmas decoration storage using cardboard and plastic cups! Ornaments are protected and easily stacked and stored. No more broken decorations, crushed bows, and ruined ornaments. This is a great holiday decoration storage tip.Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - never break another ornament by storing ornaments in plastic cups. via One Good Thing by Jillee }

Finding Replacement Christmas Bulbs

It seems each year we buy strands of Christmas lights because some are burned out and we can’t find where we stored our holiday replacement mini bulbs. Yet each package of light strings comes with at least a few replacements and fuses (but we rarely save the boxes because the  Christmas lights never properly fit back inside). Instead of saving the Christmas light boxes and packaging, keep those extra parts and place them in labeled pill organizers! This Christmas light organizing hack sure saves a lot of time and you’ll easily find the replacement light bulb you need. Simply pack the pill boxes up with your Christmas decoration storage. You won’t have to run to the store for yet another set of Christmas lights next year.Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - organize christmas lights spare lightbulbs with pill organizers.via Pinterest }

Storing Christmas Lights in Boxes

Wrapping lights around paper towel tubes is the most common holiday light storage idea, but you end up with many rolls of lights with no Christmas decoration storage box to put them in. Instead, try this great holiday organizing idea! Trim the edges of a shoebox lid slightly smaller than the box and wrap strings of lights around the piece of cardboard. The lid will fit inside the box perfectly, and you have an easy Christmas decoration storage box to house and protect  your strands of  lights until next year!Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - never untangle lights again by wrapping christmas lights in shoe boxes.via Real Simple }

Organizing Holiday Garland

Every year, I unpack my garland strands from their Christmas storage boxes and completely forget which garland goes where. This is especially an issue if you have Christmas garlands of different lengths, styles, and sizes. Make things simple by labeling each garland and wreath with large tags to identify just what it is and where it goes. Once the strands are labeled, gently pack them into your Christmas storage boxes. This simple tip for garland and Christmas wreath storage seems so obvious, I don’t know why I never thought of it before! Holiday decorating just got easier!Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - don't forget where your wreaths belong by tagging with locations. via Sand and Sisal }

Protecting Holiday Wreaths

I love using holiday wreaths in all different areas of my house–the door, the windows, and on the wall above the mantel. Figuring out how to store Christmas wreaths (without crushing them) can be a real challenge. Keep your holiday wreaths protected by using this simple wreath storage tip. Use an old clothing rack to hang the wreaths up in your storage room wherever you keep your Christmas storage. Wreaths will keep their shape and be protected. Cover the wreaths with plastic bags to keep them dust-free.Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - organize wreaths and keep spaces clean with garbage bags. via Sew Many Ways }

Keeping Christmas Ribbon Tangle-Free

Now is the time to organize all those Christmas ribbons you might have! This Christmas decoration organizing tip works great for ribbon in your craft or sewing room too. Use a small shoebox-style storage basket fitted with a few dowels to keep ribbon tangle free. The holes in the shoebox storage container are great ribbon dispensers, keeping everything neatly spooled and under control.  Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - gift wrap ribbons can get messy. This simple ribbon organizer will solve your problems. via Spunky Junky }

Storing Christmas Decor Flat

Are you struggling to find a spot for your Christmas decoration storage? Under-the-bed storage totes are great for storing Christmas items such as ornaments, tinsel, and wrapping supplies. Many of these holiday decorating items pack flat and have dimensions that tuck easily inside under-the-bed Christmas decoration storage boxes. If you’re limited on storage space, this is a great holiday organizing tip. Slide Christmas decor right under your bed until next year.Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - ornament storage keeps your ornaments and little pieces in tact. via The Organised Housewife }

Creating a Wrapping Station

A pegboard box is a brilliant idea for organizing holiday wrap and bags. Create a wrapping station to hold and store all of your Christmas wrapping, tissue paper, folded boxes, tape, scissors, and any other items you may need for wrapping gifts. You can even include a gift list to track who’s getting what gift! Make wrapping a breeze and storing simple with this easy Christmas storage solution. Creating a DIY box from pegboard is a simple woodworking project (and a great way for your hubby to use those new Christmas tools)!Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - organize your gift wrap station with milk crates and peg board. via Thistlewood Farms }

Sewing Storage Solutions

Garbage bags are rarely large enough to store your artificial Christmas tree, plus they tend to rip and get messy in your Christmas storage area. Fortunately, whipping up a simple Christmas tree storage sack out of an old sheet or dropcloth is easy! This year, sew up some Christmas tree storage sacks for your artificial tree and you’ll protect it for years to come. Tree storage bags slide right into your storage boxes or Christmas storage space. The tree bag will keep your artificial Christmas tree clean and dust-free until you’re ready to break out the holiday decorations next December!Christmas Decoration Storage solutions - spare sheets can be used to wrap and store fake christmas trees.via Time with Thea }

Keeping Track of Beaded Garlands

Beaded garlands add sparkle and shine to your tree and look great as part of your holiday decor. Unfortunately, though these beaded strands are a little challenging to store and can end up tangled and messy if they’re just tossed into your Christmas storage boxes and bins. If you have small beaded garlands, keep them neat and organized by dropping them into empty plastic water bottles to keep them contained. Your beaded garland stay tangle-free and neat with this Christmas decoration organizing hack.Christmas Decoration Storage - use plastic bottles to store bead garland. via Tip Junkie }


Next year, decorating will be easy when December rolls around. You’ll thank yourself for putting your Christmas decorations away carefully and using these tips to organize them now. These 15 Christmas decoration storage hacks are simple, timesaving ways to clean up decorations and start the New Year out on the right foot.

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    1. I just wanted to thank you for going over some storing tips for Christmas decorations. I hadn’t considered that you could cover some wreaths with plastic bags, and this can help them keep their shape. My sister has been thinking of getting a storage unit, and it sounds like this could be a good idea to store some wreaths in there like this so that it stays in good condition all year round until it is next needed.

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