Your bed is more than just a place to sleep – it’s a sanctuary for rest and relaxation. And one way to make your bed more inviting and cozy is by learning how to layer bed pillows to fit your comfort and style.

By mixing and matching different sizes, shapes, and textures of pillows, you can create a stylish and comfortable look that complements your bedding and enhances the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

Knowing how to layer a bed is essential and with so many pillow options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start.

Everyone wants that perfectly layered bed yet not piled high with a bunch of pillows and blankets you will never use.

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bed layering tips with accent pillows, sleeping pillows and euro pillows.

But I promise you it is much easier than you think.

I will show you how to layer bed pillows like a pro, so you can create a beautiful and inviting bed that you can’t wait to curl up in at night.

And I will go over some tried and true techniques and best practices to keep your pillows in tip-top shape.

So let’s dive in!

What Are Bed Pillows For

Bed pillows are soft cushions that are used to support the head and neck while sleeping.

They are typically rectangular or square in shape, and are filled with a variety of materials, including down feathers, synthetic fibers, memory foam, or a combination of these materials.

Bed pillows come in different sizes to fit different beds and sleep positions, and can range from soft and fluffy to firm and supportive.

They can also be covered with a variety of fabrics, such as cotton, linen, or silk.

They are an essential part of bedding, and choosing the right pillow can help ensure a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

a beautiful blue and white bedroom with cream and white accents.

Why Should You Have Multiple Bed Pillows

There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to have multiple bed pillows.

Having multiple pillows allows you to adjust the support and height of your pillow, which can help alleviate neck and back pain and improve your sleeping posture.

Different pillows offer different levels of comfort and softness. Having a variety of pillows to choose from can help you find the perfect combination of softness and support that is most comfortable for you.

Having multiple pillows can also help you maintain good hygiene in your bed. By rotating and washing your pillows regularly, you can prevent the buildup of sweat, oils, and other debris that can accumulate over time.

3 layers of pillows on a bed create a cozy look

How Many Bed Pillows Should Be On A Bed

The number of bed pillows you should have on your bed depends on your personal preference and the size of your bed.

As a general guideline, most people typically use two to four bed pillows on a queen or king-sized bed, and one to two pillows on a twin or full-sized bed.

However, some people may prefer more or fewer pillows, depending on their sleeping habits and personal style.

In addition to the number of pillows, the size and type of pillows you use can also affect the overall look and feel of your bed.

A standard or queen-sized pillow is typically used for sleeping, while smaller decorative pillows, such as euro shams or throw pillows, can be used for added style and comfort.

It’s important to consider the size and scale of your bed when choosing pillows, as using pillows that are too small or too large can make your bed look unbalanced or cluttered.

navy and white floral euro pillow

Best Places To Buy Bed Pillows

There are many great places to buy bed pillows but here is where I shop personally for our family and my clients.

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How To Layer Bed Pillows

Layering bed pillows can make your bed look more inviting and cozy. Here are some steps to layer your bed pillows:

  1. Start with your sleeping pillows: Place your sleeping pillows flat on the bed, side by side, with the open end of the pillowcase facing the edge of the bed.
  2. Add your Euro pillows: Place your Euro pillows against the headboard or wall, standing upright.
  3. Place decorative pillows: Place any decorative pillows in front of the Euro pillows, propped up against them.
  4. Add smaller accent pillows: Add any smaller accent pillows in front of the decorative pillows.
layers of pillows on a bed. navy lumbar pillow, grey and white throw pillows, white sleeping pillows.

Bed Pillows FAQs

There may be a few questions you still have about bed pillows so let me answer a few popular ones I hear all the time.

How Often Should You Get New Bed Pillows

It is generally recommended that you replace your bed pillows every 1 to 2 years, depending on the type of pillow, usage, and personal preference.

If your pillows no longer hold their shape and have become flattened or lumpy, they are no longer providing the support your head and neck need while sleeping.

Over time, pillows can accumulate sweat, oils, and dead skin cells, which can cause discoloration and unpleasant odors. If your pillows are discolored and emit a noticeable odor, it’s time to replace them.

If you have allergies, your pillows can be a breeding ground for dust mites, which can exacerbate your allergy symptoms. If you notice an increase in allergy symptoms, it may be time to replace your pillows.

grey and white accent pillows on a bed with navy and white bedding

Can You Wash Bed Pillows

Most bed pillows can be washed. Washing your bed pillows can help remove dirt, sweat, and other debris that can accumulate over time.

Always check the care label on your pillow to see if it can be washed and what the recommended washing instructions are

If your pillow can be washed, use a gentle cycle with warm water and a mild detergent.

Wash your pillows one or two at a time to prevent them from becoming misshapen during the wash cycle.

After the wash cycle, run your pillows through an extra rinse and spin cycle to make sure all the detergent is removed.

Make sure your pillows are completely dry before using them again. You can air-dry them outside, in a dryer on low heat, or with a few clean tennis balls to help fluff them up.

white bed pillow cover being put on a pillow

How To Store Bed Pillows

Proper storage of bed pillows can help prolong their lifespan and keep them clean and fresh.

Before storing your pillows, make sure they are clean and dry. If they’re not, wash and dry them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

To prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on your pillows, store them in a breathable bag or pillowcase. Avoid storing them in plastic bags or airtight containers, as this can trap moisture and lead to mold or mildew growth.

Store your pillows in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Avoid storing your pillows in a compressed state for long periods, as this can cause the filling to lose its shape and support.

white bed sleeping pillow being mixed with other bedding to create a cozy and comfortable bed.

Layering bed pillows is an easy and effective way to add a touch of style and comfort to your bedroom.

By following the steps above, you can create a beautifully layered look that makes your bed look more inviting and cozy.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes, shapes, and textures of pillows to create a more dynamic and visually interesting display.

And remember, when it comes to pillows, quality matters.

By investing in high-quality pillows and replacing them regularly, you can ensure that you’re getting the support and comfort you need for a restful night’s sleep.

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