Sharing my home design plans for 2021 and my home improvement list. 

It’s that time again where goals are set and dreams are made! Every year at the first of the year, I set home improvement goals for our family.

Setting goals helps to achieve things otherwise you just dream about. Plus when it is down on paper (or written on my blog), it makes me feel accountable. 

Last year was just awful for so many people including us. We buckled down and really did not touch our home design improvement list. There were so many uncertainties going on and spending money on our house just did not seem like a good idea.

Our design plans for our home this year seem achievable and not too extravagant that I think even with where our economy is, we still feel comfortable making these upgrades.

You can catch up on my previous house goals and read about our home build experience

Previous Home Design Plans:

Design Plans for our Home in 2021:

1. Exterior

This is one we talked about last year and then 2021 happened. We just didn’t want to spend the money and just prayed both our jobs stayed stable. But we are revisiting it this year and I am actually glad we waited because our plans have slightly changed. 

Home design plans for renovations for 2021. #ABlissfulNest #homeexterior #designplans

You can read what we originally planned here. White exterior homes are still hot and trending but they are now being mixed with other materials and not just solid white which works better with our exterior materials of brick and stone. 

  • So the main new design plans for the exterior are to paint all the trim white. I think this will instantly give it a facelift and make it more clean and modern looking. I will be using my white paint color guide to help me select paint. 

Home design plans for renovations for 2021. #ABlissfulNest #homeexterior #designplans

When I originally chose the trim color when we were building, I had wanted a color that blended with the stone and brick rather than have contrast. Three years ago that worked but now it is looking dull. 

  • The next change to make will be to add window planter boxes to the windows above the garage. I think this will help break up the expanse of the wall and give it some visual interest.

I am thinking I would either like this is white or in a cedar color. But if I do cedar then I would need to pull that element in somewhere else on the front of the house.

I plan on filling them with faux outdoor plants and if you have not heard of UV-protected faux outdoor plants then you need to read my post all about them. They are life-changing!

  • Next would be to develop the side yards which was on my list from last year. I am still trying to figure out the best plan of attack here. I don’t want to spend very much money and I want them to be low maintenance. 

Ideas for side yard development. #ABlissfulNest #backyard

We added rain barrels this last year to help with conserving water and those have been amazing. If you don’t have some I highly suggest putting some in and we did a full tutorial with video that you can easily follow. 

2. Office

This was another one on last year’s list. I actually have most of the soft scape done and you can read all about that here. But I never did the walls or the flooring.

Home office design plans for the new year. #ABlissfulNest #homeoffice

I am thinking I want to do shiplap in this room and thinking I may tackle this on my own without hiring someone.

I am not the best DIY person but I have heard this is not too hard to do yourself. If you have installed shiplap before then give me all your tips in the comments!

I may leave the flooring to a later time but we’ll see. Once the shiplap is done I will reveal the full room!

3. Master Bedroom

Yet another project from last year and I did get a little ways on this one but not too far.

So we talked about doing a feature wall behind the bed and that is still high on my list. We even measured for all the materials but never bit the bullet and did it.

Bedroom design updates for the new year. #ABlissfulNest #bedroomideas #bedroom

I have half of the new furniture either here or ordered and I still need to sell our seafoam green upholstered bed and nightstands. 

This room has been such a work in progress but it is a big one on my list to get finished up.

4. Game Room

I worked on our game room at the beginning of last year and loved these easy updates we had made in here. But I feel like it is missing something still. 

Game room updates for the new year. Bonus room ideas, family room decor. #ABlissfulNest #familyroom #bonusroom

I would like to add either a feature wall on the TV wall or do shiplap in the whole space. I think it will add some texture and not feel so flat. 

I would also like to take out the double doors that go into the media room and install a barn door. 

5. Garage

Bryan and I were talking the other week and we loved how our attic storage space turned out so much that we are craving organization like that in our garage. 

We are still discussing it and really need to budget for all the organization items because they can really get pricey but we really want to be able to get both cars in the garage during inclement weather. 

Top on my list to organize for the new year is our garage. #ABlissfulNest #garageorganization

I wrote a post on garage organization ideas that we will be using to get this space in tip-top shape.

Here is what it looks like now and as you can see there is no rhyme or reason where anything is and overall just a hot mess. 


So I think that is it! Of course, we will revise and possibly eliminate ver the year but I really don’t think any of these are too lofty of a goal to accomplish this year. 

Do you set yearly home goals? I would love to hear what is on your design house plans list for 2021.


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    1. I wonder if you picked up some of that gorgeous blue in the carpet in throws/pillows, etc. would it come together better? The dark area rug seems to stand out in a room full of neutrals.

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