There are so many paint color guides that it may be hard to decide which ones to use and which are the best for your home.

Well, I have collected the best paint colors for your home from neutral colors to bold hues, as well as the best colors for the exterior of your home.

As an interior designer for over 20 years, I started A Blissful Nest to help you tackle the littlest to the largest design problems in your own home, so let me help you select the right paint color shades for your next project.

I know it can be a challenge to select the right paint color for your space. There are a lot of factors that play into which one is the best one for your home.

That’s why I created a comprehensive guide to answer all your questions and give you confidence in selecting paint colors for your home.

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different shades of paint in paint cans

These paint color guides will not only inspire you but will also give you the tools to create your dream space.

I am sharing my expert tips that I swear by to get the right paint color shades for my clients. So let’s dive in!

How To Choose Paint Colors

Before running out and buying a bunch of paint samples, let’s go over the steps I use for picking paint color shades.

  • Mood: Consider the purpose of the room and the mood you want to create. Do you want a vibrant and energetic space or a calm and serene atmosphere? Understanding the intended use and ambiance will guide your color choices.
  • Gather inspiration: Look for inspiration from various sources such as interior design magazines, websites, social media platforms, or even nature. Create a mood board or save images that appeal to you and reflect the desired aesthetic.
  • Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in how colors appear in a room. Assess the natural and artificial lighting in the space at different times of the day. Keep in mind that lighting can affect the perception of color, so it’s essential to test paint samples under different lighting conditions.
  • Existing decor: Take stock of your existing furniture, flooring, and other prominent elements in the room. Consider their colors, patterns, and textures. You may want to select paint colors that complement or create a pleasing contrast with these elements.
  • Test: Purchase paint samples of your top color choices. Apply them to a small section of the wall or create large color swatches. Observe how the colors look in the room, considering the lighting and existing elements. Live with the samples for a few days to see how they make you feel before making a final decision.

Interior Paint Color Guides

Looking to paint a room in your home and not sure what shade to pick? Use these interior paint color guides to help you identify the best interior paint colors for your next project.

Exterior Paint Color Guides

Does your home need a fresh coat of paint? Use these exterior paint color guides to help you select the right shade for your home.

Trends change all the time and it can be hard to stay on top of the latest ones. Use these paint color guides to see which colors are currently trending and which interior designers are using for their clients.

Neutral Paint Color Guides

Use these neutral paint color guides to select the right neutral shade for your space. From greige to white, these paint color guides will inspire you and help you refresh your room.

Paint Color Guides By Hue

Maybe you want to infuse a punch of color into your home but

Choosing the right paint color is crucial when it comes to enhancing the ambiance of your living spaces.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to make the right decision.

However, with the help of these paint color guides, you can easily select the best shades for your next project.

It’s important to note that while trends come and go, you should always go with a color that speaks to you and feels like the right fit for your space.

After all, selecting the perfect paint shade is a personal decision that reflects your individual style and tastes.

I hope these paint color guides are super helpful and have fun with it and infuse your personality into your next room design with paint!

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