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Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Colors

I bet you never thought choosing pantry kitchen cabinet colors was at the top of your list when designing your kitchen.

The pantry is often an afterthought, but it can be the unsung hero of your storage solutions and overall kitchen design.

A pantry provides ample storage space for food, small appliances, and gadgets, but its design and color can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Choosing the right pantry kitchen cabinet colors can be overwhelming, considering the unlimited possibilities with paint colors.

That’s why I have dived into the world of kitchen cabinet colors to help you get the exact look you want for your own home.

The colors you choose for your pantry should blend seamlessly with your existing kitchen cabinets to create a cohesive look and there are specific ways to do this.

butcher block counter in a white pantry

From soothing neutrals to vibrant shades that make a statement, let this guide help you discover the perfect color palette to elevate your kitchen’s style.

Don’t let your pantry get overlooked and transform it into a gorgeous extension of your kitchen design.

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Should Pantry Cabinets Match Kitchen Cabinets

Whether pantry cabinets should match kitchen cabinets or not depends on your personal design preferences and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in your kitchen.

Many homeowners prefer a cohesive and uniform look throughout their kitchen, including pantry cabinets. Matching pantry cabinets to the kitchen cabinets creates a seamless and harmonious appearance.

However, some people opt for contrasting pantry cabinets. Choosing a different color or style for your pantry cabinets can add visual interest and create a focal point within the kitchen.

Ultimately, the decision to match or contrast pantry cabinets with kitchen cabinets should align with your personal style, the overall design theme of your kitchen, and your functional needs.

What To Consider Before Picking Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Colors

There are a few things to consider before picking a pantry kitchen cabinet color.

  1. Kitchen Style & Theme: The style and theme of your kitchen play a significant role in determining cabinet colors. Traditional kitchens often feature warm, classic colors like whites, creams, and wood tones, while modern kitchens may embrace bold, contrasting colors or sleek neutrals.
  2. Overall Color Palette: Take into account the existing color palette of your kitchen. Consider the colors of your countertops, backsplash, walls, and flooring. Your pantry cabinet colors should complement or harmonize with these elements.
  3. Size Of The Pantry: In smaller pantries, lighter cabinet colors can make the space feel more open and airy. Darker colors may work in larger pantries where they won’t overwhelm the area.
  4. Maintenance & Cleaning: Consider the practicality of the cabinet colors. Lighter colors may show stains and smudges more easily, while darker colors can conceal minor imperfections.

How To Select Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Colors

There is a specific way I like to pick pantry kitchen cabinet colors that makes it an easy process.

Start by taking into account the existing or planned color scheme for your kitchen. Consider the colors of the walls, countertops, backsplash, and flooring. The pantry cabinet colors should complement these elements.

Create a mood board or Pinterest board with images of kitchens that resonate with you. Pay attention to the cabinet colors in these inspirational photos.

Gather samples of the cabinet colors you’re considering. Use these samples to see how they look in your kitchen’s lighting and alongside your other design elements.

Consider the following as well when you are looking at your paint samples. Natural light, artificial light, and nighttime lighting can all affect how colors appear.

The material and finish of your cabinets can also impact the appearance of the color. For example, a matte finish may appear different from a glossy one, even if they’re the same color.

Best Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Colors

The best pantry kitchen cabinet colors can vary significantly depending on your personal preferences, the style of your kitchen, and the overall design goals you have in mind. But, here are the most popular and versatile pantry cabinet color options that can work well in a variety of kitchen styles.


White creates a clean and bright look that can make your pantry feel more spacious. White cabinets work well in traditional, modern, farmhouse, and coastal-themed kitchen and pantry.

Light Gray

Light gray shades provide a subtle, neutral backdrop and can make a pantry feel cozy.

Dark Gray

Dark gray cabinets can add depth and drama.

Sage Green

Sage green is the perfect subtle pop of color to add to a pantry. Reflecting an outdoor nature inspired look.


black can add a touch of sophistication and contrast. It’s often used in modern and industrial style kitchen.

Choosing the right pantry kitchen cabinet color is an important decision that can greatly affect the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

While some homeowners choose to match their pantry cabinets to their kitchen cabinets for a uniform and cohesive look, others prefer to add a pop of color or contrast for a more eclectic and personalized touch.

When making your final decision, don’t forget to consider the other elements in your kitchen, such as countertops, backsplash tiles, and flooring.

By selecting a color that complements or contrasts with these features, you can create a harmonious and visually stunning kitchen that you and your family will love and enjoy for years to come.

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