It’s that time of year again for holiday cards and I’ve got the best creative ways to address Christmas cards for you!

It’s the time when we break out our festive decor, crank up the holiday tunes, and start to think about sending out Christmas cards to our loved ones.

But let’s be honest, sometimes the process of addressing all those envelopes can feel like a bit of a chore.

Well, I’ve got some amazing and fun ways to address your Christmas cards that will have you looking forward to tackling that stack of envelopes.

Whether you want to add some whimsy, humor, or elegance to your holiday greetings, I’ve got some ideas that I know you will love.

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From incorporating fun stickers, calligraphy, and so much more, these Christmas card envelope ideas will give you some great ideas to get those cards done early for the season.

Get my list of supplies and resources to address your Christmas cards with some special holiday flare!

When Should You Send Christmas Cards

The timing for sending Christmas cards is really up to you. But there are some standard timeframes that will make your card get to its recipient before the holiday deadlines for mail,

Sending your Christmas cards in the first week of December is the best if you can get them done at the end of November. This gives them plenty of time to get there without any delays.

If you’re running a bit behind or want to avoid the holiday rush, sending your cards in the middle of December is still fine. Just make sure to allow enough time for the cards to reach their destination before Christmas.

If you’re sending cards to friends or family in other countries, you should send them earlier, usually in late November or early December, to account for longer shipping times.

It’s always a good idea to check with your local post office for any specific deadlines or guidelines regarding holiday mail.

Best Christmas Card Envelope Supplies

These are some of my favorite and unique supplies to use for addressing Christmas cards. Here are some supplies you can use to make your Christmas card envelopes special.

  • Envelopes: Choose envelopes that match the size of your Christmas cards. You can find a wide variety of colors and designs that go with your card.
  • Pens and markers: Use a nice pen or marker to address the envelope. Metallic or gel pens can add a touch of elegance.
  • Stamps: Choose holiday-themed stamps that complement your Christmas cards.
  • Stickers: Decorative stickers can add a fun and personalized touch to your envelopes. Look for stickers that match your Christmas card theme.
  • Washi tape: Washi tape comes in various colors and patterns and can be used to seal the envelope or add decorative accents.
  • Embossing tools: Embossing adds texture and dimension to your envelopes. You can emboss your return address or create decorative patterns with embossing powders and a heat tool.
  • Sealing wax and a seal: For a traditional and elegant touch, use sealing wax and a decorative seal to seal your envelopes. You can choose wax colors that match your theme.
  • Personalized return address stamp: If you send out many cards, a personalized return address stamp can save time and add a professional touch.

Favorite Places To Order Christmas Cards

Over the years I have ordered Christmas cards from a lot of places. Some were good and some not so good. So I wanted to share my most favorite places to order them that are high quality and have a lot of design options.

Creative Ways To Address Christmas Cards

Who knew there are so many creative and unique ideas on how to address Christmas cards.

I hope these not only inspire you but get you excited to address your Christmas cards this year.

Ideas To Address Christmas Cards

So tell me which one is your favorite?! It is so hard to decide so I’ve been trying a different one each year.

I hope these ideas add more merriness to your friend’s and families’ mailboxes and you have fun addressing your Christmas cards this year. Thanks for enduring my Christmas card obsession!

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    1. Elise, they are ALL fabulous, but the heart one I would choose as my favourite. You are very creative and I am definitely going to make my envelopes extra pretty this year. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Thank you for all these great ideas!! I’m wondering with the last one “upward slope” or “dashing through the snow” you show the address in one line, does the PO give you a hard time? I thought addresses traditionally needed to be 3 lines? Call me old school…just wanted to make sure all my cards won’t show up on my doorstep with a nasty note from the post master 🙂

    3. Hi Rebekah and Elise, these are all adorable! I’ll be featuring this post tomorrow night at Best of the Weekend!

    4. What a great idea!! I definitely want to send out Christmas cards this year and this is just the right inspiration I needed!! =)

      Happy Holidays & Have a great weekend! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

    5. These are all such cute & fun ideas!! I will be pinning this & must remember to do something fun on my cards this year, even if it is a more simple design!! Thanks for sharing!!

    6. On my to do list today is to address my Christmas cards and this is just perfection! I My cards are red so I am thinking I might try a white pen. Thank you for the inspiration.

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