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11 Creative Ways To Address Christmas Cards

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One of my very favorite parts of Christmas is sending and receiving Christmas cards in the mail. I run to the mailbox each afternoon. (Anyone with me?!) To make your holiday mail even more thrilling, I’ve compiled 11 fun and unique ways to address Christmas cards this year. Don’t worry, calligraphy isn’t required. 

11 Creative Ways To Address Christmas Cards

What you’ll need:

And now to the fun part! Choose your favorite holiday cards and address away because the holidays will be here in the blink of an eye.

11 Ways to Address Christmas Cards:


First, write out the address. Then use the silver pen to write “To:”. Next, draw a holiday tag around the address and a swirl for the ribbon. Lastly, use the gold pen and draw slightly offset of the silver tag and ribbon to create a shadow. Using both gold and silver pens really makes the tag pop.!


This option is simple but catchy. I always love combining print and cursive lettering. Start with using the gold metallic pen and write the first and last name of who you are addressing the holiday card to in bold large letters. Then use the black sharpie and in smaller letters write the address. Lastly, use the gold pen again and underline the last name and the first line of the address for a pretty bold look. 


This is one of my favorites. First, write the first name in cursive and extend the last letter. Then write the last name on the extended line. Move the address to the right and write it below the last name. This is such a fun way to address a holiday card to a single person if you are not writing one to a family. 


First, address the card in cursive with the family name and address using a black sharpie. Then on the left side draw a curved line from the top of the card to the left side of the card. Decide on how many letters (your holiday word, greeting) you would like your banner to spell and draw triangles for each letter with the flat side touching the curved swoop. Lastly, write each letter in the middle of each triangle. Decorate with silver metallic circles to look like snow and you are done!

This idea is cute and fun all year round. I’m a sucker for lettered bunting!


I’m a sucker for gold laurel too. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just draw curved lines and add a leaf shape up and down the lines. That’s it! You can write the family name and address in cursive for a pretty extra flare and make the last name slightly bigger. 


When push comes to shove, I’m all heart eyes for symmetry. Take the silver or gold paint pen and draw a box around the address. Then add some cute little bows to each corner and you are done!


Separate the name from the address and use a silver metallic pen to draw two lines to separate them. So simple, but I love how it makes the family name pop!


Another great way to separate the family name from the address is to write the family name on the left and the address on the right. Then take a metallic paint pen and draw a line between the two. So simple and whimsical looking.


My heart obsession is a real thing and why not use it for Christmas card addressing. Write all the letters in all caps with the family name slightly bigger than the address. Draw two lines to separate the name and address then draw a metallic heart with lines to illustrate an illuminated heart. Such a fun little detail to brighten the recipients day!


Okay, this is the perfect one for Christmas! If you’re not writing to a Mr. and Mrs., consider writing “THE” in the gift box and the family’s name on the gold line. Use block letters and space out the zip code to give it a modern look and fill the space on the back of the card. Draw a present in a metallic paint pen and you’re done!
I considered naming this one dashing through the snow because it reminds me of a sleigh ride. First, with a metallic paint pen, draw two swoops like car tracks with dotted lines after them. Then write the family name in a mix of block and script letters for a fun flare. Finish with a black sharpie and write the address in all capital letters. Such a fun festive way to address a holiday card!

So tell me which one is your favorite?! It is so hard to decide so I’ve been trying a different one each year. I hope these ideas add more merriness to your friend’s and families’ mailboxes and you have fun addressing your Christmas cards this year. Thanks for enduring my Christmas card obsession!


  1. Elise, they are ALL fabulous, but the heart one I would choose as my favourite. You are very creative and I am definitely going to make my envelopes extra pretty this year. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for all these great ideas!! I’m wondering with the last one “upward slope” or “dashing through the snow” you show the address in one line, does the PO give you a hard time? I thought addresses traditionally needed to be 3 lines? Call me old school…just wanted to make sure all my cards won’t show up on my doorstep with a nasty note from the post master 🙂

  3. Hi Rebekah and Elise, these are all adorable! I’ll be featuring this post tomorrow night at Best of the Weekend!

  4. What a great idea!! I definitely want to send out Christmas cards this year and this is just the right inspiration I needed!! =)

    Happy Holidays & Have a great weekend! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  5. These are all such cute & fun ideas!! I will be pinning this & must remember to do something fun on my cards this year, even if it is a more simple design!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. On my to do list today is to address my Christmas cards and this is just perfection! I My cards are red so I am thinking I might try a white pen. Thank you for the inspiration.

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