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Home Coffee Station Ideas For Kitchens

Sharing the most creative and beautiful home coffee station ideas for kitchens and just about any space in your home.

You can organize your kitchen and create a unique home coffee bar to store and use your essential coffee-making accessories with ease.

Instead of dropping by a coffee shop each day, enjoy your steaming cup of brew from the comfort of your own home with these inspiring (and maybe jealousy-inducing) coffee bar ideas.

If you are a coffee drinker, chances are you probably make a cup (or two!) of coffee every day at home, rather than running to coffee shops and spending (way more) money on that sought-after cup of java. 

examples of coffee bar ideas in kitchens on counters, floating shelves, and in cabinets

Did you ever consider that a home coffee station could be the perfect addition to your home? 

Not only is a home coffee bar a practical spot to store all your coffee-making essentials, but it can also be a focal point in your kitchen as well.

Plus, it makes for a fun spot to serve groups of friends and family their favorite brewed beverage as well.

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What Should Be Included In A Home Coffee Station?

For the coffee lover, there are many accessories that may potentially need to be part of a DIY coffee bar.

At the minimum, a home coffee bar has: 

  • Coffeemaker – there are so many different kinds of coffee makers but whether you love to French press, one-pot, or use a Keurig, you will need to be well-equipped!
  • Coffee mugs – These can be stored in your cabinet or displayed on a cute mug rack but plan on having on hand a good amount so you aren’t washing your cup every day!
  • Coffee bean & other coffee-making essentials – think of canisters, small vases, trays, and more to house all the functional items you will need.
  • Sugar, sweeteners + stir sticks – a well-stocked coffee station has plenty of ways to sweeten your coffee! Grab some special coffee syrups, sugar, and even some cinnamon to add to your coffee.
  • Small decorative items – think of flowers, candles, and even a fun little sign to personalize your space.

However, many home coffee stations have much more than just the bare minimum basics.

In fact, I put together an entire post showing you exactly what you need on hand to stock your home coffee station, and here are some of my favorite items to stock your coffee station.

Does a Coffee Station Need To Be in the Kitchen?

Not at all! There is no rule at all that says you need to have a kitchen coffee bar.

I think home coffee stations tend to be in the kitchen most often because that way it is near a water source (and the dishwasher). 

However, if you have a nice corner or area in a nearby sitting room, dining room, or even an office that would function well as your home coffee station, then utilize that space.

The best place for your home coffee bar will be in an area out of the way from the main cooking area of the kitchen so that coffee-making doesn’t interfere with food creation.

Here are some ideal placement ideas for your home coffee station: 

  • A corner of the kitchen
  • Another out-of-the-way space in the kitchen, maybe a small counter area that is slightly removed from the main food prep area
  • Around the corner from the kitchen
  • In a nearby sitting or dining area just off the kitchen
  • Living room
  • Home office

Personally, I love the idea of adding a home coffee station in my office!

I spend a lot of time in there writing and working, so why not keep myself energized with some java? I’ve been toying around with adding a coffee bar on wheels too.

That way, I can have it in my office unless I’m entertaining, then I can roll it on out.

More Kitchen Ideas + Inspiration

Home Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home

There are so many ways you can add a custom home coffee station to your home.

You can use a countertop, a side table, a cart, or a cabinet to create a DIY home coffee station that fits your needs and your space. 

Additionally, you can opt to use the space you already have in a new and creative way to make a home coffee station that makes sense for your home.

This list includes ideas to help give you an idea of different coffee bar possibilities.

Think of this as a starting point, and use the images and ideas below to create your own unique area.

Here are a few examples to help you plan and style your very own home coffee station.

Home Coffee Station Ideas

With these ideas to inspire you, let your creativity soar and create a home coffee station you can use daily and enjoy looking at!

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